Information about the Placedise Seals

Placedise offers its partners and customers seals for promotion purposes. You can download the correspondent files from your account page. The seals appear if you qualify for them.

Our Seals

The "Placedise certified seal" can be used by any user who owns a Premium license and has run at least one research test. It can be used for the time the license is active. Therefore it guarantees that the user/company has access to all Placedise features and the ability to use them.

If you see this seal, the company which uses it can use Placedise to optimize your marketing success.

The "Placedise partner seal" can be used by agencies after a background check. To become a partner company, you need to be able to handle our software and work for more than five different clients. You also do not act on your own, but only on behalf of your clients.

If you see this seal, the company which uses it is a certified and reviewed Placedise partner that is an expert in using our software and with our processes.