Product Placement

Is product placement ethically questionable?

The fear of being manipulated Many people fear that product placement can subliminally manipulate them against their will, because it is often hard to clearly identify it as advertising (Balasubramanian 1994; D’Astous and Chartier 2000; D’Astous and S├ęguin 1999; Gupta and Balasubramanian 2000; Gupta and Gould 1997; Morton and Friedman 2002). These concerns are amplified […]

Product Placement in commercials

Product placement is encountered more and more frequently when watching a good movie or TV show. It can be also found in books, songs or video games. However, to implement product placement in commercials seems simply crazy. In the end, this is advertising wrapped in advertising.   Examples for product placement in commercials Specifically, we […]