How to find the right Product Placement Agency

So you have decided to strengthen your brand with product placement, but do not have the time or experience to do it on your own. The next step would be to select an expert (or usually agency) that handles all the screening, conceptioning, integration, etc.

But how does one find the right agency out there? We wrote you a little guide to get started.


1. Know your goals!

What do you want to achieve with product placement? Sure, there should be a plus in sales in the end, but there is a lot in between.

First, you should take a good look at your product, the target audience and the market. Where can you reach the audience and would it be a good idea to just yell at them or wouldn’t it be more clever to give them a seemless and awesome brand experience? Do not get me wrong – shouting out loud can be a smart move, if you want to promote a new product. But often, you should rather choose the latter one. You might think that this is already the job of the agency. Of course, they do the details, but you should always keep control over the very big picture! Otherwise, you have no longer control over anything. This is especially important, because you should choose the agency based on your goals and not the other way round!

Second, get clear about what services you need and what you do not need. If you already have an advanced plan, you usually need less support than if you are very new to the whole field. You also need to set a budget.

Finally, select agencies and consultants who are experts on the tasks that you need. Sometimes it is better to hire two different experts for different tasks than one general all-in service – but more on this later.


2. Know the different agency types!

There are many different companies that operate in the fields of product placement and branded entertainment – from full service advertising agencies over media agencies to specialized consultants. They all have advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it is important what they are offering. The following services are possible in different combinations.

Brokering: Finding product placement opportunities and matching supply and demand.
They can help you to find the right slot and content for your product and brand.

Consulting: Giving advice about the different processes and activities.
You get recommendations about where to place, how to place, how to react in specific situations, etc. The exact scope depends on your needs.

Integration: Doing the actual integration.
They ensure that your product/brand gets correctly integrated. They also sometimes develop whole concepts about the integration together with the production team.

Evaluation: Evaluating the success and impact of the product placement activity.
They can help you to evaluate the success of the measure. Usually, everyone offers some project reporting. A real comprehensive evaluation, however, is often connected to some kind of market research – this means that a good evaluation is always focused on how the placement affected the consumer and is not only about reach!
If you want to save some money, you can even do this very quick and easy by yourself, using the Placedise software. It simulates the advertising effectiveness based on scientific research and studies.

Production: Producing the media content.
This is especially relevant in the case of branded entertainment where you are also responsible for the content and not only the placement. Those companies can offer you the complete production of the content or are directly responsible for the content where you want to place your product or brand.


3. Make your selection!

After defining your goals, you need to select the relevant experts. You can easily find them by using our experts marketplace – clicking here!
Additionally, you could also ask the agency that you are already working with if they have experience with product placement.

Selecting the right agency for the right job is not easy. The following list will help you making the right choice.

  • If you only want to make a first small test and take a first dive into the topic of product placement, you should ask your marketing or media agency.
  • If you have a lot of ideas on your own, select a specialized agency.
  • If you want to get into a specific content, you should look for experts who already have contact to the relevant producers.
  • If you want to get into the next great blockbuster movie, select an expert agency with strong references. If you rather aim for a more casual and cheaper format, you can also call your media agency.
  • Generally, a specialized agency is often better in getting you the really breath-taking placements and knows more about how to do it the perfect way, while general marketing agencies are a little cheaper and have more possibilities to mix it up with further marketing activities.
  • Select the agency that you trust and that has experience in what they are doing. Never select an agency for product placement only by their pricing offer! The reason is simple: When it comes to product placement, it is extremely important how your product gets presented. If an agency is under-paid, they usually do not care about this. The problem: A bad integrated product can harm your corporate reputation and create real damage.


Two last things:
If you are new to product placement, you should also build a specific task force or at least name one responsible person who oversees the whole project.
You should also try to connect the placement to other marketing and PR activities. A great benefit of product placement can be to simply put “the favorite drink of James Bond” on your banner ads!


Now, find an awesome agency right here:

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Jens Kuerschner

Author: Jens Kuerschner

Jens Kuerschner is founder and CEO of Placedise. As an expert in the field of consumer behavior and media enthusiast, he is especially responsible for the product know-how. In our blog, this knowledge and the experience of many years of research and study will be shared with you.

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