We are back! Welcome to the Placedise Relaunch

Placedise 2.0! Better and more powerful than ever before.

Just one year ago, we have published the first prototype of our software. Basically, it only was a simple input form that controlled our algorithm to simulate the advertising effects and impact of product placement.
Over the following months, we have spoken to many experts and companies and presented the software to them. That is where and how we have collected many pages of great feedback on how to make the tool really valuable for the daily business life. All those awesome ideas and reports (many thanks to everybody involved) have been woven into this new, enhanced version of Placedise within the last months.


What has changed?

We basically optimized every little part of our software and added all those awesome features that you were looking for.

  • The database that is used by our algorithm, has been cleaned from substandard papers and complemented by a large number of new, high-quality and up-to-date studies. Since many were asking for it, we also published a list of the used literature on our website (click here).
  • The innovative way in which we simulate advertising effects has not changed that much. However, the algorithm has been optimized. It can now also calculate recommendations.
  • The quite simple input form changed to a comprehensive project management tool.
  • You now can not only simulate and optimize the advertising effects and impact of product placement, but also create and compare formats, collaborate with others on projects as well as share items with your client, agency or colleagues. You can even generate comprehensive reports about your placements with just one click.
  • The software assists you during the input with advanced information and interactive recommendations. The input itself has been also optimized and “gamified” at many points. The scales have been updated with latest scientific findings and guidance, so you do not have to fear to do anything wrong. The way you would intuitively use the tool is the correct way.
  • You also do no longer need to know every details about a placement in order to test it. You can simply set parameters to “Auto optimize” and the software will use the best fitting value for them (and only consider your actual input for evaluation). This way, you can also test rough ideas before any implementation.
  • Different to other companies which (pretend to) evaluate advertising effects, at Placedise, you get all insights that you need to understand why which part led to the result and what can be done to change it.


What does this mean for me?

We are no friends of disguised promises or complicated processes.

You can test Placedise free of charge and without any strings attached!

Just see for yourself and tell your colleagues about your experiences.
Additionally, we brought you a little present due to our relaunch.
Order our 6- or 12-month-license till end of August and you can save 25% with the coupon code “letsgetthisstarted“.


What is about to come?

There are a lot more modules and features in our roadmap. However, the experience of our customers is our #1 priority. So please do not hesitate to contact us, if you use our software and feel like a specific additional feature could be useful.


Now there is nothing left than to recommend you to further click through our website and rock with us afterwards.
We are looking forward to your message if you have any questions and wish you some sunny days!


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We are back! Welcome to the Placedise Relaunch
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Jens Kürschner

Author: Jens Kürschner

Jens Kürschner is founder and managing director of Placedise. As an expert in the field of consumer behavior and media enthusiast, he is especially responsible for the product know-how. In our blog, this knowledge and the experience of many years of research and study will be shared with you.

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