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Placedise is a software that is able to simulate the advertising effects and impact of Product Placement based on scientific data. It automatically helps you to optimize your Product Placement and Branded Entertainment activities.
Use Placedise for evaluation and optimization of product placement as well as your reporting. You can use the software on your own, but also hire us for specific single evaluations. The latter one will be, of course, more expensive. We recommend to check out our website (especially the video tour) and test the software with our free trial offer.
If you are looking for experts that can help you to optimize your product placement strategy, you should also contact us. Our work is always based on science, not gut feelings.



Data-based simulations of advertising effectiveness. Evaluation and recommendation.



Evaluation of potential advertising effectiveness (before and after the implementation)Detailed reportComprehensive recommendationsBased on over 500 scientific studiesAs consultancy service or done by yourself with our software system


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Mercedes Benz3P Product Placement Productionunfourseen motion picture production



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