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Kultur + Werbung GmbH

Product Placement Agency
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Kultur + Werbung GmbH has been founded by the Managing Director Andreas Schnoor in 1979. Till today, it has been responsible for countless product placements in movies and TV. Our clients come from nearly every industry (even associations) at every size.

We were first to integrate products into big movies and (later also) TV and extensively optimized our practice over the last three decades. Our long lasting relationships to authors, producers, editors, channels and publishers is the main reason why Kultur + Werbung GmbH plays a leading role in this specific area - over all productions and channels.

We focus on unique and creative solutions for movie and TV productions as well as efficient and eye-catching (even cross-media) placements for all commercial brands, topics and services.



Expert for product placement in German movies and TV.



Product placement in TV (fictional)Product placement in movies and development of cross-media campaigns for cinema, DVD, Pay-TV, Free-TVBranded Entertainment / ProgrammingContent development for unique, customer-oriented formats for movies, TV, and onlineTV-PR: Development of legally approved TV and magazine material as well as creation of complete TV programsMedia Consulting


Media References

Honig im KopfKokowääh 1+2Freche MädchenMännerherzen 1+2Fünf Freunde 1-5Wer's glaubt wird seligMacho ManSchlussmacher



   Tettnanger Str. 74, 88214 Ravensburg, Germany


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