Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What does Placedise mean?

Placedise is a combination of the words Placement, and Paradise or Advertise.

What is an advertising object?

With regards to Placedise, an advertising objects is the object, you plan to advertise. It can be a specific product, brand, slogan, location, or something similar.

What is a PLACE?

At Placedise, the advertising opportunity, you want to test, is called a PLACE. A PLACE includes the relevant advertising object as well as the corresponding format integration. Example: The possible product placement of a new automobile model within a spy thriller (including all details of the product presentation) is a PLACE. Each alternative for this placement is another PLACE. Looking at traditional advertisement, one commercial would be one PLACE.

What is a Sub PLACE?

A Sub PLACE splits a given PLACE into more entities. Those Sub PLACEs differ in the way the advertising object is integrated into the content within one PLACE. Example: An integration of a new car in a comedy blockbuster is a PLACE. If the product is placed multiple times within this PLACE, you look at Sub PLACEs.

How secure is my data?

Your data is encrypted on our sites. Furthermore, you are not going to give us specific data about your business processes, business strategy, or business secrets (like patents). This way, it can never be stolen.

Does Placedise work with the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 keeps people awake since 2018. With Placedise, you do not have to fear any trouble. Since we are based in Germany, your data is protected with maximum care. At the same time, the Placedise method does not require actual personal data of your clients and users, since we simulate effects instead of measuring them in real life. This is a huge benefit when it comes to the GDPR, since this law makes it very difficult to do market research the traditional, old-school way.

The Method

How reliable are the results?

The calculations of our algorithm are based on over 600 scientific research papers, considering over 100 parameters and over 600 interdependencies. Therefore, the results are by far, more valid than any instinct, experienced consultation or even most of the usual surveys and studies. However, the results are only as reliable as it is possible for estimated values, which are somehow based on assumptions. Therefore, the results can’t give you a 100% guarantee on the success of your advertising campaign. However, Placedise probably gives you the most reliable results for advertising effects, you can get at the moment – especially when you need data before the final implementation.

How reliable is the determination of advertising effects?

The measurement of advertising effects with Placedise, always relates only to the integration in the respective medium frame (for example, a product placement in a movie). It should be noted that in addition to the advertising object, the movie itself effects (regardless of the own advertising campaign) the emotions of the target audience. This is taken into account indirectly by Placedise. However, with regard to this advanced level, not all additional parameters can be taken into account! Furthermore, Placedise can only give an estimation of the potential advertising effect, since there is no clear and comprehensive concept for "the advertising effect". Compared to the numerous assumptions of common market studies and research, the result and accuracy of Placedise on potential advertising effects, can certainly be described as well above average.

What studies are used by the software?

We primarily use studies and articles from pre-selected A journals. Additionally, we also consider findings that are only published in books or online, if they have been already proofed in one of the mentiones journals (respective their articles), or if the author/s own a respective reputation. We usually do not consider studies that are conducted by agencies or brands, since one can assume that they are somehow biased. Our used literature is mainly from the fields of psychology, biology, brain science, consumer behavior science, and marketing science.

How are the results of the software validated?

To validate the calculations of our software, we conduct test projects on a regular basis. There, we check, if the software confirms the results of those studies it is based on. If this is not the case, we retrace every single step (there are a lot) of the algorithm and see if this was really a mistake by the software that needs to be fixed. At the same time, we use real use cases for further validation. Additionally, the law of large numbers also validates the results. This is possible, because of our Big Data Analysis.

The Software: General

What is the PDGA?

The PDGA value (Potential Degree of Goal Achievement) describes the percentage of how good the tested PLACE fits your goals. Accordingly, it is obvious that PLACES with different goals (usually corresponds to different projects) are difficult to compare since some goals are easier to achieve than others.

How is the PDGA value been calculated?

The calculation of the PDGA (Potential Degree of Goal Achievement) value is done by our specialized algorithm. This takes into account the results of more than 600 scientific studies and research. Based on your product, market and goals, the software first identifys which advertising effects are really relevant in your case. After that, it determines a theoretical ideal project. Your input is then compared to this setting. The deviations define the PDGA.

Does a good PDGA guarantee sales success?

Not a 100%. The PDGA applies to the goals that you have with the specific marketing measure. So, you might do the perfect product placement in movie XYZ, but if product placement alone is not enough in your case, you would still have a lot of unused potential. We aleays recommend to do a broader 360° campaign, since you cannot achieve any goal a 100% with only one single measure. Placedise is then the perfect tool to optimize the single measures inside the campaign!

Does a bad PDGA mean that there will be no positive effects at all?

A bad PDGA only tells you that you did not activate the full potential of the PLACE. It is also important to notice that the PDGA considers the average of the target audience. That means that even with a bad PDGA, there might be some positive effects in sales – but they could be a lot higher.

Which media and display options can be considered?

Placedise takes into account a variety of different frame media that are generally suitable for product or brand placement (e.g. film and television, music, concerts, games, …). In addition, any conventional presentation type can be set – no matter whether you want to include your logo in the background of a sitcom, or your product’s name in a rap song.

Will the algorithm be further developed?

Even though you already find a comprehensive and full-featured software for the measurement of advertising effects of product placement and co on Placedise, our algorithm will be of course, just like all our processes, always optimized and further developed. This way, you will benefit from even more features in the future.

The Software: Research

What is the "potential impact" of items?

The potential impact is based on a theoretical ideal setting that is calculated in the background. It gives you a first idea of what items you should give a closer look. However, this is only a potential impact, because with every setting that you change, effects suddenly might behave differently and therefore lead to a differnt impact than expected.

Why do I have to put in so many data?

When product placement or similar advertising tactics lead to surprising negative effects, those problems are usually based on the fact that many important parameters were not considered. The given complexity of advertising effects is based on the immense complexity of the human mind. That’s why you should never underestimate the small things. A substantial benefit of Pacedise is the fact, that our software algorithm can consider even the small side effects and interdependences. Therefore, to shorten the data input process cannot be in the interest of our customers. However, you can skip some input. This is usually necessary when the project is still ongoing and you do not know the final look. In this case, the software will automatically assume the best fitting option for this factor.

Does Placedise supersede other studies and research?

Placedise can supersede simple questionings, surveys, and studies on the effect of the respective advertising campaign, since these studies often have similar significance. Placedise cannot replace comprehensive studies, because we only simulate advertising effects instead of measuring them directly. That “real data”, as it is usually conducted at high cost by market research companies, is of course more valid than the estimated values of our algorithm. However, even within this research, Placedise can be useful for further validation.

Does Placedise supersede specialized consultants?

Due to the complexity of our algorithm, Placedise can give you more valid information than any experienced expert. Therefore, you can save yourself lots of expensive man-days. Nevertheless, our software must be managed by humans with the appropriate know-how to operate it, to analyze the results and deduce appropriate actions. Because of this, we strongly recommend the consultation of relevant (internal or external) experts in addition to the use of Placedise! The same applies for the final implementation into the frame medium or the communication with the content producers. At this point of the process, Placedise can no longer help you and you should consultate experienced experts if you can’t do this on your own!


Can I try the software for free, before I buy any license?

Yes, you can. You have the opportunity to try our software totally free of charge. Simply activate the test access via the corresponding link on the pricing page. Bear in mind, that you can only test once and this service is only for companies, no private individuals.

What does using Placedise cost?

Please go to the Pricing page to see all current modules, features, and offers. Select what you need and we send you a proposal with more details.

Will I receive a correct invoice?

Yes. After ordering the access to the software we will send you a complete and correct invoice (according to German law).