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W&V: How Bahlsen benefits from the "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" snacking

(February 4th, 2016, German) "The degree of goal achievement (PDGA) for the advertising effectiveness, which is calculated by Placedise, the placement of Pick up at #IBES scores a great 96.8 percent. However, there is also strong evidence for negative effects on the brand's reputation - regardless the overall positive evaluation."
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Branded Entertainment Online: Taking new roads for measuring the success of Product Placement

(August 10th, 2015, German) "On the occasion of the relaunch of the Placedise software, we talked to Managing Director Jens K├╝rschner about the importance of unconscious advertising effects for product placement and the future plans of the company."
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INTERNET WORLD Business: Trend Potential: Digital Product Placement

(March 26th, 2015, German) "'With Digital Product Placement, one can define very precisely how the product ist integrated into the scene', says Jens Kuerschner, Managing Director of Placedise, a agency that is specialized on the advertising effects of product placement. 'Because the exact style of the integration decides whether the product is perceived positively or negatively by the target audience, this might be the key benefit for advertising companies.'"
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UnitedNetworker: Placedise is made for those who use the awesome marketing tactic product placement

(February 3rd, 2015, German) "(...) But most of all, agencies benefit from our software because they now can make well-founded statements about the impact of the measure - besides usual reach figures."
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Branded Entertainment Online: ProPKo 2014: Chances of the digital world for Product Placement

(October 17th, 2014, German) "The company Placedise focuses on checking the success of placements prior to project start - based on scientific studies."
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Der neue Tag: What Marketers Dream of

(August 9th, 2014, German) "The internet start-up offers its customers a digital crystal ball: A software that forecasts the effects of Product Placement."
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W&V: How Placedise Measures the Success of Product Placement

(June 4th, 2014, German) "How efficient are advertising tactics for real? From now on, this question will be also addressed by Placedise - a company that offers a Product Placement measurement solution online."
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PR 005 - The scientific AI that tells you how to do the best advertisement

June 4th, 2018
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PR 004 - Placedise Experts Market released

October 14th, 2015
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PR 003 - Placedise 2.0 released

July 7th, 2015
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PR 002 - Can Advertising Manipulate People Against Their Will?

July 13th, 2014
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PR 001 - Who we are and what we do

May 10th, 2014 (German)
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