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What is Product Placement and Branded Entertainment?

Product Placement is a marketing tactic that promotes a product or brand by integrating it into another media content.
Branded Entertainment is basically the same, but, the surrounding, entertaining content is also created by the brand. However, both terms are also sometimes used for each other.



Agency types and specializations

There are many different companies that operate in the fields of product placement and branded entertainment - from full service advertising agencies to specialized consultants. In the end, this is not important. What is relevant is what they are offering. The following services are possible in different combinations.


Finding product placement opportunities and matching supply and demand.


Giving advice about the different processes and activities. You get recommendations about where to place, how to place, how to react in specific situations, etc. The exact scope depends on your needs.


Doing the actual integration. The responsible person ensures, that your product/brand gets correctly integrated.


Evaluating the success and impact of the product placement activity.


Producing the media content. This is especially relevant in the case of branded entertainment where you are also responsible for the content and not only the placement.

What you should consider

  • Clearly define what you need and what you do not need. If you already have an advanced plan, you usually need less support than if you are very new the the whole field.
  • Select agencies and consultants who are experts on the tasks that you need. It sometimes better to hire two different experts than one general all-in service.
  • If you want to get into a specific content, you should look for experts who already have contact to the relevant producers.
  • You should build a specific task force or at least name one responsible person who oversees the whole project.
No Risk. No Fees. Just Experts!
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