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What is Product Placement Impact?

The impact of product placement consists of two parts. First, there is the simple reach of the measure. The more people you reach, the bigger is the general impact on your target audience. Second, there are the actual advertising effects that the placement has on the consumers. Those effects can be positive at a well-done product placement or even negative if you do it wrong.

You always need to look at those two parts as a linked combination. In fact, reach acts as a leverage for the positive or negative advertising effect of the placement.

One more word on the advertising effects: There are again two types of them. There are explicit effects, like the recognition of the brand, and there are (more important) implicit effects, like a change in attitude or purchase behavior. You should always make sure to consider both!



How can I measure it?

Explicit effects can be measured by simply asking the audience if they have seen any product/brand (free recall), if they have seen any product/brand of the product category XYZ (aided recall) or if they have seen product/brand XYZ (recognition).

The measurement of implicit effects is more complicated. You can hardly determine them correctly by directly asking people. Because those effects are based on the subconscious mind, an explicit answer is not possible. Furthermore, you would bias the results because you made the audience think in a way they usually would not. You can measure implicit advertising effects by observing people’s behavior on specific tasks.

How can Placedise help me?

Placedise gives you the opportunity to simulate explicit as well as implicit advertising effects – based on the results of over 500 scientific studies. That is how you can save on expensive and time-consuming studies. Combined with reach figures and optionally simple surveys, you can correctly determine the true impact and success of product placement.

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