Optimize your Product Placement Management and success with the Placedise software system!

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Is Product Placement Management possible?

Some say the management of product placement would not be possible.

Important thing first: They are wrong!

What they mean is most likely that you almost never get your product or brand placed exactly the way you want to. That is because product placement is mostly done within movies and a scene in a movie is not 100% plannable. However, you can still manage product placement – even under these circumstances. You can develop ideas and concepts in a structured way and also manage the fact that some parts might come out a little differently. The more you plan, manage and control, the better the result will be. There is only one case where product placement is totally random – if you do NOT manage it!

The Placedise software helps you to do proper planning, manage different ideas, and measure the output of your projects. It also supports you in the case when something changes, so you can easily and fast react to the new situation.



5 things that you need to consider

  1. The best way to minimize success is to not care about the details.
  2. Make your own plans about how to integrate your product/brand, but keep it flexible (so you can adjust it to the limitations of the production).
  3. Simulate the effects that the placement will have on the audience before implementing it (to save cost).
  4. Know the limits of your flexibility. Sometimes it is wiser to not do a placement instead of doing it totally wrong!
  5. Use a proper software solution, like Placedise, for your product placement management in order to ensure the first four point.