Optimize your Product Placement Marketing success with the innovative Placedise software system!

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What is Product Placement Marketing?

Product Placement Marketing describes the advertising tactic of integrating a product (or brand) into another media content.

Typical examples would be the integration of BMW or Aston Martin into the James Bond movies or the famous product placement of Hershey’s Reeses’ Pieses in “E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial”.

There are many different possibilities on how to design a specific placement in order to achieve given marketing goals.

Our software helps you to simulate the advertising effects that product placement has on consumers and therefore to optimize your marketing success. Try it now!



Top 3 advantages

  1. You benefit from the content synergies. Due to the high involvement that the audience has with the main content, the related emotions can be easily transferred to the placement and your product/brand.
  2. The audience cannot simply block the advertisement. It is a smart way to avoid adblockers as well as skipped ad breaks.
  3. It has more power than regular advertisement. You can use the connection to the content for further marketing activities and even build a whole campaign around the product placement.

Top 3 risks that you should consider

  1. You will never have 100% control over the final integration, because your possibilities are limited by the style of the content. If you are not prepared for this, you could be overrun with a negative placement.
  2. Depending on the content type, you sometimes need to wait a long time before the advertisement will be published.
  3. While a bad TV ad simply is ignored, bad product placement marketing can easily damage your corporate reputation.

Minimize those risks with the Placedise software.

The software supports you in managing your product placement campaigns. You can easily test different scenarios against each other, recognize bad settings early, and simulate the potential impact “on the go”.