Get to know the Product Placement Software that enables you to easily manage and optimize your marketing activities!

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Software Features

Get deep analysis of your product placement activities.
Simulate the advertising effects that your product placement has on consumers.
Generate comprehensive reports with two clicks.
Generate perfect sales pitch documents within seconds.
Evaluate and compare the success of different placement opportunities - before and after the implementation.
Manage your portfolio and get recommendations on what can be sold best to whom.
Optimize your workflow with our forms.
Get automated recommendations on how to optimize your planning.
Work together on projects.
And much more...

Why using a software for product placement?

In fact, this is not only about product placement. Project management software helps in every part of almost every day-to-day business. That is why companies use ERP software systems like SAP or Oracle.

With Placedise, you now have a software that supports you in handling your product placement projects. It is designed to optimize your workflow when it comes to maximizing the advertising impact.

Just imagine the following use case: You use the Placedise forms to get a complete and standardized overview of the goals and market that is connected to the product/brand. You set up a project. You know what format might fit, but you do not have any idea about what a good placement could look like. The software gives you a first idea or helps you to evaluate your brainstorming drafts. You tell the producer about your idea. He tells you that this cannot be done, but offers you 5 different approaches. The software tells you within seconds, which approach can leverage the best impact. You do the placement. With two clicks, you can generate a deep analysis and report about how the placement affects consumers (explicitly AND implicitly). You can also invite other people to the project, so can work together on an even better second placement.


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