The main Challenges we help you to tackle

Doing it the right Way

HOW do you consider all parameters and side effects when planning branded content measures?

This needs years of experience and still cannot be done by the human mind or even basic Excel.


Measuring Branded Content

HOW do you measure the quality and success of branded content activities – before and after the actual implementation?

Measuring the psychological advertising effects (and not just if people recall something) provides the most important quality KPI. However, traditional ways to measure it cost tons of money and consume even more time.


Pushing Sales Numbers

HOW do you enable your sales agents and media consultants to become real experts on branded content?

Getting to first concepts usually takes numerous longsome processes, which limit your sales team and put your clients on hold.

Do you really utilize what is technological possible to maximize sales numbers for all stakeholders?


How Placedise supports your goals

Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Simulations

Over 600 scientific studies as foundation for statistically optimizing algorithms.


Ideal Marketing Mix

Recommend the ideal advertising mix. Based on your portfolio. Individually per brand. Instantly.


Branded Content & TV Commercial Optimization

Get validated recommendations on ad concepts and (the other way around) evaluate them with regards to the potential success.


Automated Qualitative Analyses

Determine how well a measure performs, concerning psychological advertising effects.
Without conducting own, expensive studies.


Integrates with your Systems

Complement existing reports and enrich your CRM (Salesforce, ZOHO, ...).


Quality Assurance and Assistance

by making use of scientific data. Thanks to intelligent IT, it is available to and can be handled by anyone within seconds.


New Evaluation Possibilities

by using simulations on the psychological advertising effects on consumers. Lightspeed fast and at low cost.


Strong Sales Power

due to intelligent, digital assistance, faster processes, and a new sales argument in terms of quality.

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Bear in mind that this is only available for companies (b2b), no private individuals (b2c)!
We make content producers sell better + brands achieve a higher ROI.

Using Placedise, 3P analyzed the product placements of its client, Mercedes-Benz, in the TV series “The Day My Destiny Was Written”. The results were used for reporting as well as evaluation purposes. The identified potential has been also considered for the optimization of future activities in order to maximize the marketing success of Mercedes-Benz in Turkey.
3P Product Placement Production