The Method behind the Software

Advertising effect at your fingertips.

The general Process

1. Filling the database

We analyze empirical studies from all relevant areas and combine them with expert interviews as well as own research. From this, we derive relevant effects, their conditions and impact. After a qualitative assessment and examination, the data are transferred to our specially developed markup language.

2. Doing the big data calculations

Our software combines all effects, derives interdependencies and uses all this information to build a large cluster. At the same time a theoretical optimum is formed.

3. Bringing it to your project

The cluster is finally applied to your project. Thereby, our software combines your input with our database and calculates, based on your individual goals, how well your project matches the optimum – regarding relevant advertising effects. You will also receive a detailed report and automated recommendations that are based on the data analysis.


The Evaluation Process (Example)

Placedise takes all those as well as any further evaluation steps and compares the user input with the theoretical ideal case.

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