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Step by Step

General Overview

Placedise offers different modules with tools that support the management, measurement, and sales of product placement and branded entertainment.
Working with those tools, you need to setup advertising objects and formats. Advertising objects define what you want to advertise. A format represent the content that can be used for branded content. You can also define clients or producers that you can connect with your objects and formats.

Clients, Producers, Advertising Objects, and Formats

The creation of a new item is pretty easy. We recommend to input as much information as possible. However, only the fields that are marked with a red star are really required. The creation of formats is optional, but doing so might save you a lot of time if you want to use one format for multiple tests.
You can also compress the input. This way, you need to provide less data, but results in some modules might be less accurate.

The Sales Module

The sales module provides you with many tools to make your sales process as easy as possible. With the support of the software, your sales agents are instantly empowered to talk with real science expertise.
You will be able to move faster in your process and close the deal while others are still struggling to find a good brand and product integration spot.

The Research Module

The research module provides you with different analysis, evaluation, and reporting tools. You start by creating a research project and define a PLACE. This is a specific advertising opportunity that you want to evaluate. You can than run simulations and generate reports.
The main KPI is the Potential Degree of Goal Achievement (PDGA). It describes how well or bad a given goal is achieved by defined activities.
You can also collaborate in different ways on a project. Project members and visibility of tests are individually set by the project's owner and independent from the overall team.

The Analytics Module

The analytics module gives you a complete overview of your projects and team's performance.

Managing your team

Placedise is made for teams. Learn how easily you can manage them within the software.

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