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Step by Step

General Overview

We basically differentiate between Advertising Objects, Formats and Projects. Advertising Objects define what you want to advertise. A Format represent the content that can be used for product placement. Projects define the workspace where you execute tests and bring objects and formats together. You need to create an object in order to start a project.

Creating Advertising Objects, Formats, and Projects

The creation of a new item is pretty easy. We recommend to input as much information as possible. However, only the fields that are marked with a red star are really required. The creation of formats is optional, but doing so might save you a lot of time if you want to use one format for multiple tests.

Working on a Project

The project's dashboard is probably the more interesting part. Here you can collaborate with other team members, run simulations and generate reports. This is also the place where you can get to relevant KPI, like the Potential Degree of Goal Achievement (PDGA).

Creating a PLACE

A PLACE is a specific advertising opportunity that you want to evaluate - it is basically one specific simulation. Get to know more about how you run a test and how you can easily compare different scenarios or formats.

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