Get your digital, science based assistant. Optimize the quality of your product placement and branded entertainment activities. After and before the actual implementation.
Now: Also for TV commercials!
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integrates with your CRM (optional)

What is in for your Marketing and Sales activities

AI at your Fingertips

Our intelligent, science based system is able to give instant recommendations on the ideal branded content or commercials setting, brand format fit, marketing mix and more. Considering and simulating how the consumers mind really works.

Unleash the Sales Power

Make your Ad-Sales-Agents experts on the ideal branded content - guided by software!
Get immediate recommendations on what to do best - at any time.

Optimization + Protection

No more just ok placements and guessing!
Get the most out of branded content with the power of Artificial Intelligence and tons of research. Know what can harm a brands reputation and prevent it.

Advanced Controlling

Track the success of your projects, branded content sales, and quality.
Placedise complements your existing tools and brings in new insights.

Evaluation + Reporting

Evaluate your branded content activities. Digitally automated. Within minutes. After and even before the actual implementation. And get some beautiful PDF reports too. Within seconds.
Unlike with traditional methods, with the Placedise analytics approach, you will also not face any GDPR trouble.


Work with your team. Work with your clients and partners.

Made for you!

Placedise has been built to make your daily work life easier, more productive, and even more successful. We are contantly enhancing the system to fit this goal.
And, of course, you can integrate Placedise with your other systems, like Salesforce or ZOHO.
We make content producers sell better + brands achieve a higher ROI.

Simply try and see for yourself.
Start your free trial now and test Placedise without any obligation!