Placedise can digitally measure the psychological advertising effects (= the real quality) of product placement.

Science based. Before and after the actual Implementation.
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What is in for you


Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your product placement campaigns. After and even before the actual implementation.


Use the results and automated recommendations of the software to get the most out of your product placement activities.


The software automatically scans your plannings for critical effects and warns you if a placement turns out to be a risk for your reputation.


Get a detailed report about the potential success and quality of your projects. The software also calculates a potential degree of goal achievement that you can use for benchmarking.


Share your projects (or only some parts of it) with other people, like your client or advertising agency. Placedise gives you the opportunity to collaborate on your projects in the most efficient way.


With Placedise, you can provide your clients with more security, better results and standardized, professional reports. Push your sales activities by having those arguments on your side!
BOTTOM LINE: you save time, money, are better and are more successful!
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