Launching Placedise 3.0

Long time, no see.

It’s been a while since we have published some content in the Placedise blog (magazine).  In the meantime, “Branded Content” has been growing strongly all over the world, because it is a fuc**** valuable marketing channel – if done the right way. That is the reason why all stakeholders need support by intelligent software and that is exactly the reason why we were not just chilling around.


Welcome to Placedise 3.0


What we did

First, we rebuilt the whole software from a technological point of view. While this is something, our users cannot really see, it can be experienced through a tremendous upgrade in speed. But we also did some greater updated on the general layout and UX design.

Second, we restructured our tools and combined them into one big, customizable suite. Placedise has become cleaner regarding its purposes.
There are now the long known items like advertising objects or formats on the one side (plus new, clients and producers), and modules with field-related tools on the other side. Those modules are, for example, “Research” (based on the former projects) or “Sales”. The latter one represents one new focus…

We no longer sell the software on its own purpose. We used our algorithms, to build tools that make content producers sell more effectively AND brands achieve a higher ROI.
Our goal is to enable deals that are awesome for every stakeholder!

Bottom line: New software that really empowers you to get the most out of the branded content business!


Next steps for us

We will now focus on our new strategy and enrich the different modules with more and more features (based on our clients needs). At the same time, we will (as always) work on making processes even more smoother and easier for you.

Additionally, you will most probably soon find totally new helpers to skyrocket branded content success – supported by science – made by Placedise.


Next steps for YOU

1) Check our presentation! It gives you a good overview of the topic and how Placedise supports your goals. It is also useful to show your boss. Download it here!

2) See our new video tour! It gives you a first idea of the software. Just click here!

3) Video needs too much time? Check some screenshots under this text!

4) Last but not least: If you represent a company, you can get access to our demo world and check out the software for yourself. Click here for more information and access!

5) It all sounds to good to be true? Yes it does, but it is still true.
Send us a message to talk about how you can benefit from the Placedise technology! If you join now, the software will be tailored to your specific needs!


See/read/hear you soon!





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Launching Placedise 3.0
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Jens Kürschner

Author: Jens Kürschner

Jens Kürschner is founder and managing director of Placedise. As an expert in the field of consumer behavior and media enthusiast, he is especially responsible for the product know-how. In our blog, this knowledge and the experience of many years of research and study will be shared with you.

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