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Placedise is made for Branded Content.

Thinking about it, we realized that there is not that big difference between TV commercials and Branded Entertainment. Both are (usually short) movies that feature a specific product. If you think about it, nowadays there are even TV commercials that do not even promote a product, but purely focus on the brand – just think about most of the ads by Apple. On the other side, you have TV commercials, no one would ever consider as Branded Entertainment.

Still, a TV commercial feels different and it is! But this is not because of the hardware, but the framing content. You usually perceive a TV commercial within an ad break. You know it and your subconsciousness is already prepared for it. That maybe is the main reason, why you do not start hating the brand that yells at you to buy now. And this is something that we can consider within Placedise – simply because we already do (but with another prioritization).

And that is, why Placedise now can also deal with TV commercials!

You can use the software to get recommendations on how an ideal commercial would look like for a specific brand. Or evaluate an existing commercial in terms of it psychological advertising effects on the target audience!


What we did

We added more scientific findings and made our software learn to work with commercials. At the same time, we added a little tweak. With Branded Content, you have a product and you have the format (the surrounding content). When evaluation TV commercials, the format and therefore the sourounding content is not the story of the commercial, but the ad break.

And this is the main lever, where we differentiate between TV commercials and Branded Entertainment. Is it about the ad break or is it about the content? If it is about the content, we look at the story and handle the product/brand as integration. If it is about the ad break, we look at the ad break and consider the commercial an integration.
Just look at it from a consumer’s perspective. Branded Entertainment is something that you focus on and want to see. When it comes to TV commercials, you are (if at all) focused on the ad break in total. We are working with tools and modells from consumer behaviour science – so, let’s focus on the consumer!


The problems we solve

How do you determine the ideal TV commercial for the individual goals and situation of a specific brand and product? And how do you do it, if an immediate response is required?

How do you measure the psychological advertising effects of a TV commercial, if you do not want to spend USD 200,000 on a manual research experiment and potential GDPR trouble?
Mind that reach tells you how many people you have reached, but not if you have reached them in a positive, just ok, or even negative way!

We enable you to get science-based recommendations within minutes and evaluate any TV commercial – before and after airing!

This is interesting to brands as well as advertising agencies. It also helps TV sales agents to provide clients with some additional advice and guidance.

You are welcome!


How you can use it

The mentioned functionalities are available within every feature that already did similar things with Branded Content before.

You will find the recommendation engine within the Sales (for agencies and TV networks) and Marketing (for brands) modules. The evaluation functionality is part of the research module.

Contact us to see it in action within our demo area!


Makes use of the Placedise science and tech power to boost your sales!




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Jens Kuerschner

Author: Jens Kuerschner

Jens Kuerschner is founder and CEO of Placedise. As an expert in the field of consumer behavior and media enthusiast, he is especially responsible for the product know-how. In our blog, this knowledge and the experience of many years of research and study will be shared with you.

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