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Yes, we also offer apps for all mobile platforms and Windows Desktop. However, you won’t find us at the app stores of Apple and Google!

We use the latest mobile tech trend, called “Progressive Web Apps” (PWA).

This was first introduced by a Google employee in 2015, but really kicked-off last autumn. I will get a little bit into the technical details, but will keep it short.
A PWA is basically nothing else than the regular website that you add as a bookmark to your phone’s homescreen – with some essential differences to just bookmarking any site! If a web app supports PWA, within the bookmarking process, it will be installed just like a native app and, just to name one benefit, open in a standalone way.
The main thought behind the concept is that, if you build your web application to work perfectly on every device – why the need to have a native app? Because of things like speed, native functions (e.g. Push Notifications), etc. But wait – nowadays, you can achieve all of this with web apps too (if you use latest technology)! And that is PWA.

To qualify for a PWA, your website or web applications needs to

  • make use of the ServiceWorker technology.
  • load almost instantly (achievable via ServiceWorkers).
  • be served over HTTPS.
  • be full responsive and adapt perfectly to every screen size and device.
  • provide some offline behaviour (achievable via ServiceWorkers).
  • work the same on all modern web browsers.
  • and a lot more details that should be included in a modern website anyway (see checklist).


What does this mean for you?!

Enough tech talk. Since we always try to make use of the best technology available, the Placedise software application supports PWA.
This means that no matter your mobile device (and even Windows Desktop), you can use the software either within your browser or install it as application.


How to install

To add the app to your smartphone or tablet:

  1. You just need to browse to your software instance (e.g. on the specific device. On mobile, this works best with the mobile Google Chrome browser!
  2. Usually, at your first visit, the browser tells you that you can install the app. From there, it is only one tap.
  3. If you do not see any banner, just add the page to your homescreen via the browser’s menu.
  4. You now have a new app on you phone. It works and feels like a native app.


You can achieve the same with the latest Microsoft Windows Desktop versions and Google Chrome.

  1. Browse to your software instance.
  2. In Chrome, open the browser menu, hit “More tools”, then”Add to taskbar…”, and follow the instructions.
  3. The app appears as application on your desktop and you can move it to your start menu from there.
  4. Later this year, we will also add a one-for-all application to the Microsoft store, which makes this process even easier. Stay tuned.


The benefits

There are plenty of advantages for you by us making use of PWA. This includes Push Notifications (please activate them within the account page of your software), faster loading, mobile usage of all Placedise tools, and strong security. However, you do not need to install the PWA to benefit from this – it is the same if you use the Placedise software via your web browser (no matter if mobile or desktop).

However, we still recommend to install the PWA. Beside the fact that you get rid of the browser bar on your smartphone and have a more direct access, you benefit from better performance.


This was just one out of tons of exciting functionalities of the Placedise software. Talk to us, if you feel like this could be interesting to your business!



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Jens Kuerschner

Author: Jens Kuerschner

Jens Kuerschner is founder and CEO of Placedise. As an expert in the field of consumer behavior and media enthusiast, he is especially responsible for the product know-how. In our blog, this knowledge and the experience of many years of research and study will be shared with you.

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